PUBG Hacks: Aimbot, ESP, Wallhack & Cheats for Free (2019)

Player Unknown’s Battle Ground PUGB Hacks is one of the most popular first-person shooting games right now. The multi-player game is making its mark not only for desktop games but mobile ones as well.

It is basically a Royale action game in which you can kill a person by shooting with different weapons. The map of this game is vast and once you have started playing it, you will never keep track of the time as well.

The article that I am going to write about today is on PUBG Hacks so that you can outclass your opponents by bad means.

If you are already a Mobile PUBG gamer, you will know the feeling of seeing Winner Winner Chicken Dinner on your mobile screen after a hard-fought battle. While it is always fair to beat your opponent without using any cheats and codes.

But knowing about the PUBG Mobile Hack is sometimes awesome as it will add more fun to the game. So, there is no issue in learning about some of the cheat codes.

Well, I have talked really much. Let’s move on to the main topic which is on how PUBG Mobile Hack is going to work for you.

So, let’s take a look:


However, you should also keep this thing in mind that PUBG is secured server online game. If it caught you cheating, the result will be a direct ban from the game without any second thought.

PUBG Hacks:

Using AIMBOT Hack in PUBG Mobile:

pugb hack

The game can only be played on the online server and that’s why it is a bit difficult to hack as compared to offline games.

What most of the hackers and gamers do is, they are already using a hacked version of a mobile game.

The mobile gamers change and alter different parts of the code being used in the game which can then be installed into the device as a hacked version of PUBG Hack.

So, what are the benefits of Using Hacked Version?

By altering the different codes, you can easily modify different features of your player.

For instance, you can modify the health of player to not change. So, in this way, no matter how much you get shot or hurt, the health of your player will remain the same until and unless you kill all your opponents.

The immortal player i.e. yours one is probably going to enjoy Winner Winner Chicken Dinner at last.

Invisible Shooter Hack:

The next PUBG hacks that is very popular among mobile gamers these days is the invisible shooting hack. In this cheat, your player will not be visible to other opponents but you will be seeing all of them like a normal game.

The shooter hack is also done by mobile mods which are already developed by different mobile gamers.

This is also a cool way to make sure that you can finally win in the end.

Ammunition Hack:

Ammunition hack is similar to that of one in which I talked about health. There will be no change in the ammunition number no matter how much you fire your weapon.

In this PUBG mobile hack, the gun recoil is also turned off so that you can shoot your opponent without any delays.

How to Use PUGB ESP Hack Mods?

PUBG ESP Hack Mods are commonly available in apk files for Android users and in IPA format for those gamers who have got an iPhone.

You can easily store them in your file manager to install them with ease. However, some code configurations will also require you to root your android device or jailbreak the iPhone which is your choice.

PUBG Hacks Aimbot:

Using an aimbot in PUBG Hack is also a cheat that you will want to try more often.

The trick is very simple.

The process works as there will be a mod or an application that will shoot your opponents for you whenever you hold down a specific button.

The hack is also more focused on better aiming which is very necessary for an fps game. You will be given much more edge in the game when the mobile aimbot is active.

You can use these aimbots by altering or injecting the specific code on the user side. The code is widely available for most of the Android and iOS gamers.

However, many of the aimbots can easily be detected by the anti-cheat programs used by the servers from the game side. Once they are reported, your identity might be terminated permanently.

To avoid getting caught or in order to use the aimbots carefully, some important points to keep in mind are:

  • Never ever shoot through walls but in serious conditions.
  • You should also keep the accuracy rating at a low level. This might diminish the effect of many anti-cheat programs.
  • Keeping a low profile during the game will allow you to use aimbots easily. You should also limit the aiming speed and the shooting speed to a certain extent.
  • Headshots are not necessary when you are using aimbots. Try to aim at other body parts in order to avoid getting caught.
  • The last point here to discuss is, be aware of the kill cams. They can easily detect the aimbots and mods.

You should also keep in mind that premium ambits are only available for a free trial version. If you want to use them further, you can buy them according to the package you desire.

Using Wall Hack in PUBG Mobile Hack:

Wallhack is basically an ESP which is extrasensory perception. ESP is going to increase the perception level of your player to a limitless level easily.

pubg hacks

The process is just like an aimbot, i.e. wall hack will scan all the area of the map for you in order to find valuable objects such as weapons and money.

You can easily look through the walls which is quite awesome at the same time.

The objects with the help of a wall hack area easily shown on the screen to make sure that you won’t have to work hard in finding them.

How to Use Wall Hack?

Well, there is no direct cheat code for enabling the wall hack feature in PUBG mobile.

In order to use it efficiently, you will have to download the upgraded version of a client available through APK and iOS mods.

A mod can easily modify different odes in the game to make sure that you have got an upper edge on your opponents.

However, keep this point in point that wall hacks are very rare to find. If you find one, you should consider yourself very lucky as there would be a minimum chance of getting caught whenever using this PUBG Mobile Hack.

Therefore, one can say that wall hacks have got fewer risks than that of the aimbots.

What are Battle Points in PUBG Hack? 

Battle Points are a type of in-game currency which is virtual. BP in PUBG Hack can easily be earned through different kinds of winnings.

The battle points can then be exchanged with costume crates in order to look more stylish and gorgeous.

You should also keep this thing in mind that costumes are not going to help you much except that they can provide you to cover yourself in different environmental situations,

A PUBG player can easily win battle points while he or she is playing the game. 20 battle points are given with each kill. The number may arise or o down according to the type of killings you get.

It is always good to know about some hacks that can allow you to tripe the battle points that you have already earned.

Multiple websites are now offering this feature by simply registering with them and or completing different tasks.

Some websites have even started charging you for the battle points.

However, you should use these websites carefully as they might get you banned in the game. On the other hand, make sure the website has got a safe connection or else your data can be breached easily.

PUBG Mobile Hack for BP (Battle Points)

There are some simple hacks available for earning battle points at a faster rate. Let’s have a look at them:

Simple BP Farming Through AFK Mode:

AFK usually means away from the keyboard. The process is very easy as you will be leaving the game to farm the BP for your player.

To make it possible, get to a safe spot where no one can easily save you. Lye their idly for many hours to start generating battle points as you will be getting them based o survival rank as well.

AFK mode cannot be called as a hack. You can call it a trick as there will be no bots or hacks used for generating the battle points. You will only spend a few hours to triple your BP earnings. AFK mode can be used by any mobile gamer without the fear of getting banned.

The Final Word:

PUBG Hack is not an easy task. Sometimes you will face an issue of getting banned by the game. So, we will advise you to use this kind of hacks with great care and precaution. Rest, you can enjoy the victory over your opponents easily.